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Get to know Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, the fathers of our faith and build a strong and solid foundation of who we are and where we came from.



From Egypt and out again: this book takes the people of God from slavery in Egypt to the other side of the Red Sea.


the book of law

This is a list of laws that the people of the Old testament had to live by.  Read this book and see what it would have been like if God didn’t send Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.  



This book has it all, It begins with a census (it is called Numbers after all), it contains the first attempt to enter the promised land, and then  the beginnings of the wanderings of the wilderness for 40 years.

With guest writer Dr. Kyle Keimer



The continuation and final part of the five-part series called the Torah or Pentateuch. Read Moses' final speeches to his people before he dies and they enter the promised land!

With guest writer Dr Kyle Keimer


the promised fulfilled

It’s finally time to take the promised land and this book details how they did it. Joshua is a book about courage and strength and if you need some historical might, than you are going to love this book.


god delivers

This incredible book is written to remind the people of Israel how faithful God was when he was their King.  Learn from their mistakes as you read Judges and see God rescue them over and over again.

1&2 Samuel

better than the movies

Meet and get to know Samuel the final Judge of Israel, Saul the first King and King David as he fights for his throne. Intrigue, adultery, murder, incest, sons killing sons, betrayal - television will look boring to you after you read these books.

With guest writer Chris Justice


loyalty  and love

This beautiful book is set in the time of the Judges when everyone was doing as they saw fit. Coming in contrast we have this beautiful book of a woman who chose loyalty and faithfulness over self preservation to become part of the lineage of David and Jesus.


1 & 2 KINGS


We've survived the intrigue of the books of 1 & 2 Samuel but don't worry, it doesn’t stop there. Keep going as we venture into the third and fourth books of this series. This is our history, the good and the bad. As you get involved and adventure through, you will be inspired and warned in your life today


time for an ad break - honest and open worship

Psalms is not a book that you read cover to cover, if you need a break from the book you are reading, jump into Psalms.  Come and worship, pray and sing with these incredible hymns.

With guest writer Ryan Smith


life in the wisdom of god

The first nine chapters are great to read in one hit as it sets you up in the character of Wisdom and Folly.  The rest can be taken in small doses - meditate on each scripture, like ointment it will change your thinking and give you wisdom that you need.


the frustrated prophet

Prophesying just before and into the exile of the people of Judah, Jeremiah is a book of lament, honesty and frustration.

With guest writer Ps Nat Taylor


the prophet that changed god's mind

This powerful book shows the heart of God against pride, arrogance and corruption in his own people and the heart of the prophet that changed God’s mind.


our powerful god

Have you ever wondered if God has seen the bad things that have happened to you? This short book, the shortest in the Old Testament will show you that God sees everything.


a prophetic call

Are you battling with the timing or plans of God?  Habukkuk is prophesying to the people of Judah calling them to remain faithful no matter what happens in the future.


the RUNAWAY prophet

Jonah is not running away because he doesn't want to prophesy - he is running away because he doesn't want God to forgive and save his enemies!  You are going to love this book as you journey through the frustration of Jonah into the whale to see God save the people Jonah hates.

With guest writers Ps Steve Burgess and Dr Kyle Keimer




the book of instructions

The first book of the New Testament, Matthew is the door between the Old and New. Full of the teachings of Christ and Old Testament scripture, this Jewish natured book guides us through all that Jesus fulfilled as the promised Messiah of the Old Testament.

With guest writer Pam Borrow


the book of signs

The most creative writer, John presents the gospel not in chronological order but by showing us the signs that point to Jesus as the fulfillment of the Messianic promises.

With guest writer Kate Forsyth


the orderly accounts

Luke-Acts are two books but one volume, these orderly accounts are going to satisfy any logical systematic thinker. Luke having investigated everything from the beginning presents his gospel of what Jesus did and said. 


the book of power

Luke-Acts are two books but one volume.  Luke continues in Acts presenting an account of what the disciples did and said.


this is how we think, the doctrinal letter

Paul has written a letter-essay to present some of the most important doctrinal thoughts in Christianity.  If you need to know what to think about salvation, justification, all Jesus did for us and how that impacts our life, than this book is for you.

With guest writer Rev. Keith Garner



How do the Corinthians balance their freedom in Christ with having boundaries in the Church? Find out in these incredible letters from Paul, where he is passionate and strong in 1 Corinthians, loving and pastoral in 2 Corinthians.

With guest writer Dr Adam White


identity before warfare

Need some power and help to understand your identity?  Ephesians is all about knowing who you are IN HIM.  Paul is writing to the church at Ephesus, he wants them to know who they are in Christ compared to the strongholds and temples that stand in their city.


the book of joy

This book will restore your joy, but not joy while lying on a beach in the Bahamas but joy in the midst of adversity. Paul writes this letter while in prison and teaches us how to be content in all circumstances.

1&2 timothy


Would you like to be mentored by Paul? You can be mentored by him as you read the letters of 1 & 2 Timothy. These incredible letters to one of his ‘sons’ in the faith is like a mentoring and pastoral session with Paul himself.

With guest writer Adam White


Changed people change a community

Another son of Paul, Titus is leading a church in Crete, one of the worst cities of the 1st Century. The question Paul answers in his letter is how do I live in Crete and remain a Christian?

With guest writer Ps Steve Burgess


faith needs actions

Written by the brother of Jesus, James presents his passionate plea that faith needs actions.  We are called to be people who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk - be encouraged with passion as you read the book of James.

1&2 peter

the new people of god

These two letters are from Peter, the disciple who never gives up.  He was a part of Jesus inner circle, he saw the miracles, he saw the resurrection, he was at the Day of Pentecost, he met Paul and now he shares his wisdom with us in two short letters that will change your life.

With guest writers Kate Forsyth & Ps Dan Gorry

1-3 john

know your identity

These books are John on fire, he is passionate and strong and very black and white. These short letters will take you to another level in your maturity in Christ, giving us the tests of Christian living and the things we should “know.”

With guest writer Ps Simon McIntyre


a new hope

This apocalyptic letter is a book of hope, you are not supposed to focus on the beast but on the beauty, worship and power of God in this book. This is about God restoring everything back to its original intention, this is about the future of our world, our future and the incredible hope and choice that awaits us.


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