TYB Going Off The Air - Don't Forget The Reason

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| Katie Haldane

My heart is burning at the moment with gratitude for all Jesus did on the cross. There are times when I am so busy I don’t even think about what he did for me and then I need something, that I can’t work for, that I can’t do myself, a breakthrough, healing and I am on my knees again forever grateful to Him for the victory of the cross and all that he provided for me! I fall in love with him all over again, it stirs my heart for him and His church.

In my prayer time for Trash Your Bible I got an overwhelming conviction that we should not run a program, or put any social media up for the week of Easter, so that the focus is on Him alone. This gives us time to reflect on what he did for us, time to spend with our families celebrating the victory that he provided on the cross.  So that is what we are going to do, from Good Friday to the following Sunday we will be off air, to honour what he has done, to value what he has done.

Easter is not just about holidays and easter eggs (even though they are both fabulous!), it is about a moment that changed the history of the world.  Every year I try and read a book that fans into flame my passion for what he did, I watch a movie that reminds me, I do everything I can to honour the moment and fall in love with Jesus all over again.

I remember as a 16 year old girl sitting in a Youth event in Sydney Australia, trying to work out who I was, would I follow the way everyone else was going, going to parties or would I be different? At the event we watched the video for Secret Ambition Michael W Smith (showing my age ☺) I ended up in tears, giving my life again to Christ. A fresh revelation of all he did for me came over me and I decided that day that I would not live my life for my own purposes but I would pour my life out in dedication to Jesus. It still to this day makes me cry watching that video and I feel that renewed conviction that my life is not mine but His. I have taken up the secret ambition to give my life away for Him.

Over Easter I remind myself that he is my everything, in my deepest darkest moments it was there that he rescued me. Over 10 years ago I ended up in depression, life overtook me, circumstances consumed me and I couldn’t get out of the black pit of sadness, sorrow and hopelessness. But in my greatest hour of need, he came to me. At night, I would feel the presence of Jesus in my room, his love, his comfort, his hope, he never left me. In my darkest moment, I could feel his presence with me. He had already paved the path to get me through this, all I had to do was walk with him into victory. That is why Easter for me is sacred. What he did on Easter weekend will never become common to me, it changed my life, it gave me victory over my darkness and I am forever grateful.

Try this weekend, watching a movie about Easter, the Passion of the Christ (quite full on but super impacting) the movie Risen (be careful of the violence if you are underage or sensitive to violence) the Bible Series is also great. One quick note, remembering Easter is not about getting so convicted of your sin, that you end up in depression. It is remembering what he did for us, renewing a grateful heart and praising him in victory for all he has done. It should bring you to a place of praise and thanksgiving not depression!

Some great books to read are first the Bible, read through the gospel accounts again. Dead for Nothing by Phil Pringle is a great book outlining what the cross has done for us. This is a great quick read, that will change your perspective of the cross! I am currently reading a book recommended by Ps Simon McIntyre from London called The Day the Revolution Began by N T Wright. It is a strong, academic text with a fresh look at the theology of the cross. The cross is not just about heaven and hell, or saving us from our sin, the cross is about the ushering in of Gods Kingdom and the power of victory that was given to us.

Anyway guys, that’s my heart this week. Spend time with your families and in church, honouring all that Jesus did for us. Easter weekend changed the world, it changed our lives forever. Let your heart beat afresh for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, fall in love with him again this Easter.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter and see you next week as we continue our journey together.

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