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Luke-Acts are two books but one volume, and these orderly accounts will satisfy any logical systematic thinker. Luke, having investigated everything from the beginning, presents his gospel of what Jesus did and said. He then continues in Acts, presenting what the disciples did and said. A must for any New Christian, these books are the foundation of not only what Jesus did, but the beginnings of the Church we see today.




Part One

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses

A 1:8


Don't go without him

Sometimes, when I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something, I feel completely inadequate for the task. Actually, every time. Does anyone else feel like that? It starts at salvation–do you remember your heart skipping a beat when you felt God nudge you to to return to Him? Remember the fear, the jitters? But you felt the power of God over you, you did it and it changed your life.



the work of the holy spirit - pneumatology | kATIE HALDANE

I remember teaching a class on Angels and Demons and one of the students asked me how the Old Testament people lived without the Holy Spirit. It is a common misconception that the Holy Spirit only turns up in our Bible in the New Testament. I have heard some Christians say that they won’t read the Old Testament because they are ‘New Testament, Holy Spirit believers’. The work of the Holy Spirit starts at Genesis and weaves his way beautifully throughout the whole Bible, guiding, coming on key figures and empowering them. Let me show you some great stories in the Old Testament that will convince you the third member of the Trinity is from beginning to end.




Part Two

 they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly

A 4:31


full of it

Have you noticed the golden thread that runs through the Books of Luke-Acts? In one of my TYB bibles, I decided to highlight the Holy Spirit; any moments where people are empowered by the Holy Spirit or the word ‘Spirit’ appears throughout the Books of Luke-Acts. It was amazing to see how Luke has threaded the Holy Spirit as the divine link throughout his books. Like a beautiful gold thread, it highlights, holds and links the whole text together.



the chapter that changed everything | Katie haldane

It is easy to overlook things that change the course of history, you can miss moments that you didn’t realise had so much impact. When you are reading the Book of Acts, there are incredible moments that formed the Christian church as we know it and if they didn’t happen, we would be in a very different church indeed.

One of these pinnacle moments is found in Acts 10. As you read the Book of Acts, Jesus is building His church and it is not going to look the way everyone thinks; the New Testament Church is going to include Gentiles, women, slaves and the poor. I love reading Acts because it is upon the foundations of the decisions made in this book that the church is built.




Part Three

Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.

A 16:31


paul's past

Ever wondered what the church would be like if Paul didn’t have his road to Damascus encounter, if he didn’t change his thought patterns from his previous way of thinking, if he let the shame of his past stop him from entering into his future?

As you read your Bible, there are going to be stories and people that you directly relate to. When you do, I want you to write down what you relate to in the story and then write down the lesson that you learn from their example. For me, Paul is a great example of overcoming to be all that God has planned for you.



the challenge | katie haldane

In this week’s Deep Dive, we challenge you to further your own study, and we’ll point you in the right direction with some great resources. Paul is an incredible character to study and I am somewhat obsessed with books on the life of Paul, so I’ve got some great suggestions for you!

One great book that I have just finished is called A Man of Grace and Grit: Paul by Charles R Swindoll. Here’s a little teaser:

Each time we engage in a serious study of a great life, we need to brace ourselves for surprises. Interestingly, the greater the life, the more shocking the surprises. You can count on it, the circumstances and events that led to greatness in that person took place in the hidden years when few were looking and no one cared.