An Introduction to the Old Testament


| Tremper Longman III & Raymond B Dillard

Every time I study a book for TYB I try and use a new commentary just so I can see if they help or hinder my study and also I want to recommend the good ones to you. I have loved using An Introduction to the Old Testament while studying Psalms and Leviticus. This text goes deep enough to give you an overall picture of the book but not too deep that you get lost in the debates that are just not helpful. The text covers every book in the Old Testament (you can also buy a New Testament version) so you are not having to buy a commentary on every book. It covers the Historical Background of the book, Literary analysis and then finally the Theological message found in the text. I found each study comprehensive, informative and really user-friendly. Sometimes commentaries use so many big words that you need a dictionary to read them. But this is a great Introduction text to each book to set you up for reading and studying the Bible.