Recommended Archaeology Books


Have you been inspired by reading Dr Kyle Keimers posts. I have! What a life having being able to do archaeological digs in the lands of the Bible. For those of you who like me may never get to do the incredible things that Dr Kyle has done I found some books that might help satisfy the interest in you and show you the incredible life of Archaeology in the Bible.

Both books I have found are very interesting and have given me some great and interesting facts to once again make the Bible come alive. Now these can only go so far and we are going to keep asking Dr Kyle to write posts so we can glean from his incredible wisdom. But as we journey and if you want another way to study the Bible, these reference books are a great resource to have on your bookshelf.

the archaology of the bible.png

The Archaeology of the Bible | James K Hoffmeier

koorong | amazon

popular handbook of archaeology .png


The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible | Joseph M Holden & Norman Geisler