Tyndale NT Commentary: Romans


| FF Bruce

A Commentary on Romans

This is another book that I mentioned in the Romans Snapshot - I love the Tyndale New Testament Commentary series and find them easy reading with a little more depth than a New Testament overview commentary. FF Bruce has written a great commentary on Romans which I have found easy reading and informative.  It goes through the pertinent theological debates around the book in the Introduction and then if you want a little bit more detail you can go to the specific texts. Again using a commentary is a great way to get a fresh look at your Bible and help when you need it. Using commentary isn’t as hard as some might think as it not just for academics, it’s a great way to get the historical context and glean from these incredible men and women of God who have spent their lives studying these texts so that we can use their cheat sheets! You can buy a commentary on each book in the Bible so you can end up having a whole set! Have fun!