Why 'Trash'?

Here at TYB, 'trash' means to overuse, live in and wear out - we want you to over use and love your bible so much that it starts to fall apart!


How do I start?

Head to our Getting Started guide, where we explain how you can jump into our Book-By-Book Bible Study, and give you some resources to help you get the most out of your TYB Journey.


Do I have to start at the beginning?

Nope!  If you want to join our live schedule, subscribe here to receive our weekly emails.  You can also search by book or search by tyb schedule to choose a book. 


Do I have to follow the schedule live?

Not at all!  You are welcome to go at your own pace, in fact - we encourage you to do what works for you.  


What translation do you recommend?

If you're new to reading the bible, or you'd like something easier to understand, we recommend the New International Version NIV.  For more advanced Bible readers (our Deep Divers!), we recommend the ESV or New King James Version.  

Just a note!  We see the Message Bible and Passion Bible as an additional resource, and something that can be read alongside your Bible.  You won't find the repeated terms that we talk about as the scriptures are paraphrased.


Got any questions that haven't been answered? Contact us here