Have you ever wondered if God has seen the bad things that have happened to you? This short book, the shortest in the Old Testament, will show you that God sees everything. Watching the Edomites raid Judah and Jerusalem, who are supposed to be family, God’s holy justice rises against them and you see that our God is no wimp.

DIVE | deep dive 



Rise, let us go against her for battle

O 1:1


god is not a wimp, let him take care of you!

Have you ever been in a situation that was completely unjust and felt like God did not back you. I know this sounds terrible but there have been times in my life that “forgive and turn the other cheek” felt like I was allowing the person to get away with what they had done. It felt so wimpy, so unjust. I wanted justice, vindication, but God called me to forgive. And with gritted teeth and a surrendered heart I forgave.

The more I walk with God the more I realise that God is not a wimp. He is the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the heavens and earth. He is the God of mercy and justice, the God of love and righteousness, the God of grace and holiness and he sees everything. He is one of those super mums that has eyes in the back of their head. Even though their head is turned away from you, you can’t get away with anything, they see all!



edom, pride & judgement

As we have seen in the dive, the main point that the book of Obadiah is trying to make is that God's people should take courage, and the reason for this is that God still reigns supreme over the universe and all its inhabitants. The hope that God's people are to cling to is that God will take care of us and that the wrongs done unto the house of Judah will be made right.

What struck me as I read this book and as I researched the Edomites was their pride which had brought God's judgement upon them. We see very early in the book that God himself directly opposes Edom and in verses 2-4 we find the basis for God's disapproval and hostility towards Edom: "Behold, I will make you small among the nations, you shall be utterly despised. The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rock, whose dwelling is high, who say in your heart, 'Who will bring me down to the ground?' Though you soar aloft like the eagle, though your nest is set among the stars, thence I will bring you down, says the Lord."

What we see here is that the Edom’s pride is the root cause of their impending doom, for their pride deceived them into thinking that they were as secure and out of reach of men. They forgot God and so he declares that they will be brought down by his judgment.