Like eating a rich chocolate cake, reading the second half of Proverbs in one hit might be a bit too much. The first nine chapters are great to read in one hit as it sets you up in the character of Wisdom and Folly, and guides you into the fear of the Lord.  The rest, like Psalms, are your snack packs to go as you study another book.  Take one wisdom saying a day and meditate on it, and like ointment, it will change your thinking and give you the wisdom that you need.

DIVE | deep dive 



Above all else, guard your heart, For everything you do flows from it

P 4:23


it's time to be lost in wisdom, through our heart and not our head

Before we start, let me emphasise something here, this book is not to be read in a tweed coat with a pipe in your mouth (as much as I love the Sherlock Holmes look!) This is not a letter or a historical narrative, this book is to be read in a colourful painting smock, surrounded by nature and expression! Sometimes when we think about gaining wisdom we can go into studious, serious mode, that’s where the tweed coat and pipe come in. But I don’t want you to read Proverbs like that, this book is to be experienced, and all of it’s creativity is to be breathed and inhaled not just endured and finished. So, as you read this book I want you to get lost in the characters, lost in it’s imagery, lost in it’s wisdom sayings. This is a book of life lessons, applied to every area of our being and daily walk. Experienced through the heart not through your head. You are going to love Wisdom personified and grasp every word that comes from her mouth. You are going to “boo and hiss” at Folly as she tries to lure you away from the right path.  Proverbs is a book that is to be felt and applied not just simply read, assessed and analysed. This is Wisdom at her finest and it is a book that will guide and change your life, if you let it!



the pearl: wisdom chris justice

To me, the most wonderful thing about Proverbs and specifically, the writings of Solomon, are their simplicity. The profound wisdom and insights shared are not hidden under complex layers, behind abstruse writing locked away for only the most intelligent. It is assessable to all, with his heart laid bare and his learnings clear.

If you are reading this and Solomon is new to you, know that he is referred to as the wisest man (excluding Jesus) to have ever walked this earth. This is referenced by a word from the Lord (1 Kings 3:12) and from observance and reinforcement by others (1 Kings 4:30). You can read more about Solomon in 1 Kings 1-11, or from him directly in Ecclesiastes.

Ultimately, the reverence and respect due to his words should be weighted accordingly.

What you are about to read follows the thought process I personally had when understanding wisdom. I hope, that to you the reader, each point builds on the one before. Starting from the beginning, to hopefully give a clearer understanding of both the importance of wisdom and how one can grow in it. Subsequently, as you read through Proverbs I hope this Deep Dive helps in understanding the importance of the lessons taught throughout.