End Times | Revelation Book Reviews


The study of what will happen at the End of Times is just as difficult and controversial as the study of the book of Revelation. What you believe in relation to End Times depends on what country you live in and your denomination.

Even though I teach End Times I am very cautious of recommending books on this topic, because ultimately as you may have read in my last Deep Dive I would prefer the Church to put all it’s time and focus on The Second Coming rather than the debate around the details we don’t know.

But for those who want to start their journey, here are the books that I would recommend you read that start your journey




This is where my journey and understanding of a renewed heaven and earth started and where my passion for this teaching began. N T Wright Surprised by Hope is a must read for any Christian wanting to find out what happens to us after we die. This text is not only informative but motivating and really did change the way I think about a lot of things.




Want a fresh understanding of what happens after we die, this book is great? Randy Alcorn has put together a strong, bible based text that addresses the understanding of The New Heaven and New Earth. Alcorn believes in a renewed heaven and earth and ‘heaven’ as a temporal place that we go to after we die.

If you are happy believing that we stay in heaven in one continual worship service for the rest of our lives, this book is not for you. But if you want to expand your thinking and perhaps look at a Biblical understanding of  a renewed heaven and earth where we will live for our final eternal state, then I enjoyed the thorough journey and details contained within this book.