Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

jesus through middle eastern eyes.png

| Kenneth Bailey

Cultural Studies in the Gospels

I have only just started this book but I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. From the first page you are hooked. The author Kenneth Bailey begins his introduction with a brief work history and it reads .. For sixty years my home was in the Middle East. With a childhood in Egypt and forty years teaching New Testament in seminaries and institutes in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Cyprus -   from that point I couldn’t not put the book down. Bailey begins by correcting the Christmas Story of the Birth of Jesus explaining what a ‘manger’ is and the ‘inn’ that the Bible was probably talking about.

I don’t want to spoil it but as I said once I started I have not been able to stop reading. Grab a copy today and forever change our western reading of the Gospels.


book review by katie haldane