God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?


| John Lennox

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Science and Religion

God’s Undertaker is probably one of the best books which tackle the intellectual, philosophical and scientific arguments against Theism and more specifically Christianity. Lennox is a renowned mathematician by trade but is a heavy hitting philosopher in his own right.

This book is not for the novice when it comes to the questions against theism, he addresses the questions posed by the "new atheists" and he does not shy away from the strongest objections. For those interested in the current debates over science and religion, he offers us a variety of different resources for further investigation. 

It reads very much like a Written like a detective investigation in which he evaluates the evidence from modern scientific inquiry in relation to the great debate between an atheistic and theistic understanding of the universe.

The book is a very well thought out investigation in which he Lennox argues carefully and modestly but does not shy away from a quip here and there that serves its purpose not only to entertain the reader but also to make a very well thought out point.  

This book could be split into two sections, the first covering that apparent conflict between science and religion or rather the war of the world views, deism and atheism; and the second diving into the arguments around intelligent design in biology.

It is one of the best works on the subject matter and undoubtedly has its critics but Lennox makes the most opportunity to address the intellectual flaws within the atheistic arguments. It is a great read and is quite advanced in its arguments and so the novice might find it difficult to grasp all the debates. For the more novice reader, I would recommend Lennox’s “Gunning for God” as an introduction to the debates before moving on to “Gods Undertaker”.

TYB rating 4/5

book review by michael els