Gunning for God


| John Lennox

A Modern Work of Apologetics

This book should be categorised as a modern work of apologetics. Lennox, who engaged in a few debates with the Big guns of the New Atheists’ self-appointed “four horsemen” works through a vast number of apologetic arguments in a very systematic fashion, which makes it simple to follow.

In this book, he responds to several objections that are often thrusted against Christianity by these New Atheists and which have put Christianity on trial. In his response to their arguments, Lennox introduces you to different areas of research and various scholars, which have responded to some of these objections. Through this short book, Lennox takes you into the realms of physics, biology, psychology, history, philosophy, theology and archeology.

He makes use of logic, reason and fantastic wit, as only Lennox can, to expose the weak arguments of his post-modern contemporaries. As he unpacks some of the most common objections he reveals the glaring fallacies in their approach. Lennox ultimately aims, and succeeds in showing that faith and science and reasoning are consistent; refuting the illogical notion that they are somehow at ends with one another.

A large portion of the book is devoted to the moral argument and approaching it on different fronts, this is largely due to the approaches taken by these new atheists in objecting God mainly on the emotional front whilst claiming intellectual reasons. What Lennox does so brilliantly throughout the book is expose their inconsistent reasoning.

All in all, this book is an easily read one, and one of my favourite things about is that Lennox is not afraid to address the heavy weights in the different fields of science. It is a great apologetic work and I would recommend that it be kept on a shelf in every Christians home. It is a great tool and resource to equip Christians and guide genuine seekers through their heartfelt objections on the intellectual front.

TYB Rating: 4.5/5 stars.


book review by michael els