The Greco-Roman World


| James S Jeffers

Exploring the Background of Early Christianity in the New Testament

In the Ephesians Part Two Snapshot, I referenced The Greco-Roman World, so I wanted to give you more details so you can see if this is something that would help you read your Word. 

If you are looking for a book to help you understand the 1st Century world then this is a great text book for you. Sometimes when you read the Bible you can feel so far away from the culture of the text that it is hard to imagine what the first Century reader would have really thought about the books we have in our Bible. What do I do with the Household codes in Ephesians, what do I do with the cultural significance of slavery in the Bible? This is where this book comes in. Jeffers takes you through the culture, government, family life and society of the first century Christians to help us 2000 years later to understand the Bible in a fresh new way. Informative and historically accurate, this is a great reference text to help you get more out of your Bible.


book review by katie haldane