Tyndale NT Commentary: Matthew


| RT France

A Commentary of Matthew

For decades R.T France has been a leading Matthean scholar, and is proven here now as not just that, but a powerfully rich and clear communicator.  France focusses on the text itself and performs a masterful exegesis upon it, rather than relying emphatically on historical critical methodology or mere synoptic comparison. Frances verse by verse breakdown allows the Gospel to breathe and communicate its treasures easily. With a focus on clarity, over scholarly expressions or critical prowess, France easily demonstrates to the reader the distinctiveness of Galilean culture, the social dynamic of the time, and the reception of a messiah within the context of first century Judaism. Whether you’re a student of Matthew, a pastor preparing a sermon from the book of Matthew, or just somebody who wants to learn some more about the author and context of the Gospel of Matthew, France’s text has vast riches to offer.


book review by ryan kerrison