Kingdom New Testament KNTV


| N.T. Wright

A Contemporary Translation

The former Bishop of Durham offers a fresh and insightful translation, the ultimate result of his 2002 published series The New Testament for Everyone. In this contemporary translation, Wright a leading New Testament scholar, in particular, the work of Paul, returns to the original Greek manuscripts to offer a translation that is made easy to understand, emphasises individual voices within each text, and draws a smaller circle around contexts that exist within the pages of scripture itself, offering a smoother, more comprehensive reading. Wright offers a revision of many of the gospel writers and epistles more difficult to understand passages and without sacrificing meaning, enables the reader to grasp the nuances of the text and enter a graceful and flowing experience of the narrative within. At no point, does Wright believe that his translation is perfect or indisputable, rather he humbly offers what he sees as a more rounded and rightly emphasised insight to many notably complex passages. For those looking for a helpful and contemporarily worded translation of the New Testament, whilst not sacrificing points of orthodoxy, look no further than N.T Wright’s Kingdom New Testament, or in the UK – New Testament for Everyone translation.


Book Review by Ryan Kerrison