Seeking Allah Finding Jesus


| Nabeel Qureshi

A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

This is one of the most inspiring books I have read. Nabeel provides an autobiographical account of his journey to faith, beginning as a devout and passionate Muslim and ending his journey as a disciple of Christ.

Nabeel takes you through his slow and painful process of abandoning the faith of his birth as he encounters Jesus over a four-year period. You get amazing insight into the intellectual struggles that Nabeel faced as he engaged in difficult and challenging conversations with those he came to trust. Dialogues between him and his friend David permeate the book. What unfolds from these discussions is a dramatic journey from Islam that is saturated with stories of friendship, critical and honest investigation; and the supernatural.

The main issue that eventually causes him to question his faith is the morality and authority of both Muhammad and the Quran itself. What I appreciate most about this book is that Nabeel writes very respectfully about Islam, not seeking to demonize Islam or Muslims, instead he presents an open and honest critique of the struggle that all Muslims must face before they turn to Christ.

This book provides an interesting window into role that real relationships play in Apologetics. It delves into the finer details and real consequences faced in changing one’s worldview. Nebeels experience with these struggles comes through in his writing as he displays empathy and understanding toward honest seekers of the truth.

He provides amazing insight into the trinity and challenges the reader to honestly question the assumptions of one’s faith, understand and embrace them. I'd recommend this to any Christian who is seeking to understand the Muslim worldview as well as anyone engaged in reaching out to a Muslim friend.

It’s a must read! TYB Rating 4/5 stars.

book review by michael els

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