Genesis Part One: Dive

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The first words of the Bible are the most powerful and frustrating words in the whole book and give you a lesson in faith that will sustain you through the whole Bible.

Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty…

As you read your Bible it is great to slow down and take in the detail. Sometimes we read the stories of the Bible so quickly that we miss the gems found within.

So as we slow down and read this one sentence, we find a power packed statement - In the beginning God... There is so much assumed and not answered in this one statement, God was already there in the beginning. In the beginning God… it doesn’t go into how God got in the beginning, he just was. This statement of fact doesn’t come with any behind the scenes details or footnotes it comes with a statement and a request... to believe!

Sometimes our brains prefer to have all the answers before we believe, some of us don’t believe until we can work all of the details out in our head. I am a thinker, and love to study but I have learnt really quickly that statements of fact in the Bible without explanation are exactly that -a statement of fact, if he hasn’t given us the detail then trust the statement and believe. If you have ever studied End Times you will know that the limited details we have about it in our Bibles is quite frustrating for people who want a blue print of what will happen, step by step. Sometimes in the Bible God gives us the statement and then asks us to trust Him in the details. If we had all of the details and our quest for knowledge was satisfied why would we need faith?

The biblical statements of fact have to be your statement of fact without question.  This calls for surrender and trust, surrender of our need for knowledge and trust in God that he is sovereign and supreme and has it all under control.

I love reading Genesis as we see the incredible history of our human race, how we ended up where we are today. It is an incredible story of God forming for himself a people, a nation that is consecrated to himself. As you read Genesis for this Trash Your Bible let’s keep it simple, look at the characters, fall in love with the stories again. Don’t get caught up in the debates and just love the Word of God as simple and stated fact. An analytical mind can lose its love for the simplicity of truth, don’t let that happen. Fall in love with a holy God that created the heavens and the earth, guided a nation, created a people he called his own.

I love the beginning statement of the Bible, it keeps it simple, In the beginning, God created… and it is upon that foundation of God that the Bible is built – we have our strong, consistent, solid foundation in God and upon that our lives, creation and the greatest story ever told is written! So enjoy!



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