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Do you remember that game as a child – Copy Cat? Well, it actually wasn’t a game, it was the quickest way to annoy your brothers and sisters. Saying everything that they say, just after they say it – such a frustrating game (for the older sibling). But here, I want to redeem the term Copy Cat and get you to copy Jesus; mimic Him, imitate Him, follow His lead. And how do we do that? We get to know Him.

As we read Luke-Acts together, I want you to take note of what Jesus does, how He acts and how He interacts with people. The book of Luke was written from eyewitness accounts so we can see what Jesus did and how He did things.

The thing I love the most about Jesus is that He does what everyone says He shouldn’t do and doesn’t do what everyone tells Him He's supposed to do! Now, let me clarify something here, this isn't motivated by pure rebellion, He does it because He is changing the very fabric of society. He is changing the world, and to change the world you have to go against the flow at times. He loves where everyone else hates, He forgives where everyone else holds a grudge, He heals where everyone else just walks past, and He cares where everyone else has given up.

It is great to read Luke-Acts together because Luke is showing us Jesus as our example, so we can take note of what He did and get to know Him. In Acts, Luke is saying 'Now Church, do what He did, be like Him – copy Jesus!'

This is the foundation of everything we are as Christians – followers of Christ. We are not followers of social media, or those that social media portray as role models. Our role model is Christ, and we are called to do as He did. As it says in 1 John,

1 J 3:2 Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

So as you read Luke, write in your margins about His reactions. How did He stand up to the testing in the wilderness, how did He calm the storm, heal the crippled woman, how did He say nothing when being mocked and berated unto death? See how He loved on those who were outcasts of society, see how He had compassion, see how He changed the very fabric of the world around Him, and do what He does.




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