Matthew Part One: Dive

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Welcome to the Book of Matthew. This incredible book is the longest of the four gospels; the ‘gospels’ being the first four books of the New Testament that present the life of Jesus. Here at TYB, our prayer for you is that as you read this book you will encounter Jesus, the Man of the Word Himself. You will find out new aspects of His nature and, in turn, the nature of God that will set a solid foundation for your Christianity. Some of us don’t need more knowledge of the Bible, we need a fresh encounter with the Man of the Bible. So as you read His life and His teachings, I pray that you would fall in love afresh with this incredible Man that walked this earth, our loving Saviour and King. His wisdom will change your life!

I am so excited to be studying Matthew with you! This is a book of instructions, a book that contains more of the teachings of Christ than any of the other gospels. Now remember, as we read the gospels, we have four peoples perspectives of the life of Christ. It’s four artists painting the same subject. Luke has given an ordered account from eyewitness testimonies, Mark is a gospel of action and geography, John a gospel of miracles and signs that show that Jesus is the Messiah, and Matthew is a book of the teachings of Jesus that show that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

The book of Matthew gives us the opportunity to really sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to his teachings.

This book is about both what He said and what He did! You are going to read all the action that was packed into Mark with the teachings of Jesus mixed in. You are going to hear the repeated term of ‘Teacher’ focusing on Jesus as the Teacher and challenging the teachers of the law. This book is both action and teaching all rolled into one. You are going to love it!

Now, if I got the opportunity to time travel in the infamous Back to the Future DeLorean, my first trip would be to go back to the three years that Jesus was ministering on this earth. I would love to watch Him heal the blind man and confront the Pharisees. I don’t think I could watch the crucifixion but I would love to sit at His feet as He preached and taught, especially the Sermon on the Mount, which, by the way, wouldn’t have been called that yet because it was just a sermon that happened on a mountain! But how cool would that be?!

Imagine that Insta shot – Sitting at the feet of Jesus

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We don’t have a time machine, but we do have the Book of Matthew. Some scholars believe that Matthew may have been able to take short-hand and these are his dictations from hearing all the sermons of Jesus. Others believe that there was a book called Q that an unknown person wrote, recording all the teachings of Jesus and Matthew referenced this text. However Matthew got the teachings of Jesus, this is Jesus’ sermons typed out and we get to read them. How cool is that!! This is the 1st Century version of a podcast recording.

This is the Jesus Podcast Series in book form.

Imagine the opening statement from Jesus Himself:

“Welcome to my podcasts, I am so excited to give you some fresh revelation this week. This week on Jesus Podcasts I am going to be talking to you about how you are blessed when you are persecuted and some great leadership lessons to help you grow in your faith. So join me this week on Jesus Talks!”

If you had an iPhone full of Jesus Podcasts, you would listen to them over and over wouldn’t you? This is what we have in the Book of Matthew: the life and teachings of Christ all rolled into one incredible book.

I hear some people that can quote their favourite preacher more than they can quote the Bible, and others say that they only listen to podcasts and don’t touch their Bible. If that’s you, try listening to Matthew in audio form! You’ll feel like you are listening to a series of Jesus podcasts. This is our best friend, our Saviour, our Lord, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the best Preacher, Teacher and Pastor that ever lived. As you read Matthew, immerse yourself in the teachings of Jesus, immerse yourself at his feet and listen and act!

We get the opportunity through this book to be taught and trained by Jesus himself, so jump in and listen to these Jesus Podcasts that will heal and transform you!



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