Luke Part Two Dive

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Welcome to Luke Week 2, we hope you are enjoying the book of Luke. This will be our last week in Luke, next week we will be starting on Acts! Our focus in our final study of Luke is; Would You Dare Do What The Disciples Did?

Sometimes when I listen to the news I find myself saying,  ‘I can’t believe they did that, or if I was there I would have done this’. The thing is we don’t know what we would do in situations until we are put into those situations ourselves.

As we study the different stories in the Gospels, sometimes people will jump out at you and you can ask yourself how would I have felt at that time, would I do what they did? How would you feel being Matthew (Levi) being rejected by every other person, you are to them the enemy that takes their money for the Romans (tax collector) and then Jesus asks you to follow him and comes to your house! (Luke 5:27) Then write down your answer in your Bible.

I hear people focus on the fact that when Peter got out of the boat, he sunk. This was a stormy night, he was terrified, I mean, the first thing that freaks you out is Jesus walking on water and if that wasn’t mind blowing enough he calls Peter to walk on water with him. I ask myself - "would I have actually got out of the boat in the first place?" Everyone else stayed in the boat. These guys were normal men, fishermen at that, they knew the danger of the storm. Would you do what Jesus asked these people to do? Putting ourselves into the stories of the Bible helps us to trust in the situations that we face today in our own worlds. If they could do that I can trust God and step out of my metaphorical boat, my comfort zone and witness to my neighbour.

Walking with Jesus changed these mens lives for the better. Jesus revolutionised their life and asked them to do things that were beyond their abilities, faith and fears. Did they make mistakes? yes they did but my first praise point is this - these men kept following Jesus and did all that he asked them to do. Will we do the same?

When I read Luke I am overwhelmed at these men of faith and I hope I would have the faith to heal the blind man, to raise the dead when Jesus called me too. There are things in my life today where he is calling me to be like these disciples, to go beyond my faith level, to look beyond the natural and see all that God is doing – Jesus is asking you to come out of your comfort zone just like the disciples – will you? Will you walk on water over that fear and act on your faith, will you heal the blind, will you face that breakthrough that you need with faith and confidence in him. Will you go beyond your faith levels, because you know Jesus and trust him. These men walked with Jesus for three years and they knew him, as you walk with Jesus you get to know him and in turn, trust Him more and more.

Thanks for reading this week guys! Let us know in the comments what you got out of reading the book of Luke the past two weeks - what were some things you discovered about Jesus that you didn't know before? 




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